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Ayanna Williams-Jones, a.k.a. Kandi, was only a sixteen-year-old waitress when she’d met a man named Dominic who changed her life forever. He was ten years her senior and came with a dark past that eventually drew Kandi into a swinging lifestyle that she was unprepared for. But just like every other challenge Kandi had already faced in her life, she figured out bold, strategic moves that made her situation work. By using the connections she’d made with ballers, hustlers, celebrities, and even girls in similar situations like hers, as time progressed, Kandi transformed into the one and only, Detroit Madam.

Being the Detroit Madam enabled Kandi to reign supreme in the entertainment industry. Her no- nonsense way of conducting business drove Kandi’s Dazzling Entertainment to new levels. Before she knew it, she had built an entertainment empire with nearly one-hundred beautiful young women who were trained to turn-up at parties and events for numerous clients across the country. Critics and haters were at an all-time high, but with Kandi’s sharp instincts and hustle mentality, she silenced the noise by pushing forward and monopolizing her business her own way. There was no stopping this show. It rained big dollars for years, and Kandi’s philosophy “if it makes money then it makes sense” was the motto she lived by. 



Ayanna Williams-Jones


Her story is the definition of true survival and unwavering hustle. It exposes danger,betrayal and drug abuse in the entertainment industry. It touches on love, friendship, family, and satisfies the soul. It breathes life into everything about the Detroit Madam, and her braveness to tell it all concludes with the knowledge and power she still uses, to this very day, to stay on top.